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Every class is designed to cater for all levels of fitness and no previous boxing experience needed.

Boxin Fitness - Full Body

Unleash your inner Rocky Balboa

This is your chance to unleash your inner “Rocky Balboa” with boxing skills, drills and full body conditioning preparing you for those championship rounds. Whether or not you ever plan on stepping into a ring, this sweat-dripping session combines boxing technique on the heavy bags and pads, along with all your favourite body weight exercises to leave you feeling like a champion.

1 hour session - £11

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Boxin Blitz

Push yourself to the limit.

Our Boxin Blitz class does exactly what it says on the tin, blitzing all your major muscle groups with high intensity resistance work alongside some high tempo work on the heavy bags. 30 mins of explosive punching combinations and pushing yourself to the limit!

1 hour session - £11

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Non-stop, all action.

This is a 30 min non stop all action circuit class where you will hit every body part hard and keeping the heart rate high using functional exercises and cardio stations. As you move between stations with the pumping tunes and disco lighting you will push yourself to a different level and find the inner beast. Conditioning your body and mind and walk out feeling like you can take on the world - no gloves needed.

30 min session - £8

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