Boxin Business | Fitness Classes
Boxin Business is a specialised boxing gym based at fort regent, Jersey. It consists of 21 hanging punch bags, full size boxing ring, specialised unique circuit area and some great areas for running. Our fitness classes are designed for people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels.
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Fitness Classes


  • Ladies Only

    • Monday 6pm
    • Wednesday 6pm
    • Boxin Business
    • Boxin Business

  • Men Only

    • Monday 7pm
    • Wednesday 7pm
    • Boxin BusinessBoxin Business
    • Boxin Business

  • Morning Session

    • Tuesday & Thursday 6.40am
    • Tuesday 9.30am
    • Friday 6.30am (30 mins)
    • Saturday 10am

  • Lads, Dads & Lasses

    • Saturday 9am
    • Boxin Business
    • Boxin Business
    • Boxin Business


  • Boxing Class

  • £8/HOUR
    • No boxing experience needed
    • Pay as you go
    • Action packed
    • All fitness levels welcome

  • Boxing Block

  • £70/x10
    • Save £10
    • Sessions valid for 6 months

  • Friday Morning

  • £5/30 MINS
    • HIIT class
    • Great workout
    • All fitness levels welcome

  • Lads, Dads & Lasses

  • £12/1 HOUR
    • Age 6 and above
    • Girls and boys
    • All fitness levels welcome
    • No experience needed


Boxing Fitness Classes

If you want to get fit, enjoy your training and try something totally different, then these are the classes for you.

We use a combination of bag work, pad work, explosive body weight exercises, circuit training an much much more to push you to your limit every session.

The sessions are designed to cater for all fitness levels and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Lads and dads.

This a great session where the parent gets to train with their child. These sessions are designed to teach the basics of boxing at the same time as getting fit, having fun and building up a great bond between parent and child.

Lads, Dads & Lasses

These classes are designed to allow the parent to train alongside their child. The structure of the sessions are tailored to individuals needs and designed to help build up a strong bond/relationship between parent and child through the means of boxing and exercise. The sessions involve a lot of partner work and it is all non contact.


It is proven to improve trust, disapline, respect and also gives you the chance to share something in common with your child whilst keeping fit yourself. The minimum age for this class is 6 years old.

Boxing Bootcamps

Our bootcamps are the original boxing bootcamps on the island. We run them for 5 weeks with 3 sessions per week, which focus more on boxing technique and fitness. These camps are limited to small group numbers to enable us to be able to spend more time with individuals. The results we have had from our previous camps have been fantastic, the weight loss and change in body shapes have been unbelievable. The bootcamps don’t only involve boxing, they involve lots of different exercises designed to push you to your limits and get you in the best shape of your life.

If You Screw Up in Boxing, It’s Your Ass.

-Randall “Tex” Cobb

Are you interested in what we do? Contact us to find out more